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Borallus is a Colonial outpost.

When considering the Fleet's next stop, after their exodus from the Twelve Colonies, Sire Uri proposes that Borallus should be their place of resupply. According to Uri, whose argument is that Carillon is too far away, "everything we need is there".

Unfortunately, being a logical place to resupply, Adama states that a Cylon task force would undoubtedly be waiting for them there (Saga of a Star World).


Borallus was one of the first worlds settled by the Colonials after their rediscovery of space travel. Borallus became a major agricultural source for the Colonies, exporting to the ever-growing Colonies and their population. From its agricultural roots, Borallus became a major space-port; thus becoming a prize for the Cylons, who took the planet to be the "home of the Cylon Supreme Star Force".[1]


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