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For the original Centurions likeness in the Re-imagined Series, see Cylon Centurion Model 0005. For information on the advanced Centurions from the Re-imagined Series, see Cylon Centurion.

Centurions as infantry.

The Centurion is the workhorse of the Cylon Empire. Acting as infantry, pilots, and even cavalry (as in "The Lost Warrior") the Centurion is as versatile as it is shiny. Used in any front-line encounter, Centurions are the only type of Cylon a Colonial Warrior is likely to ever directly encounter (Saga of a Star World).

Centurions speak with a mechanical voice, typically responding to orders with the iconic phrase "By your command". Despite their name, they are the Cylons' lowest ranking soldiers, answerable to Command Centurions and the IL-series models.

Centurions are constructed using highly advanced robotics, beyond the capabilities of the Colonials to understand easily. As part of a ruse Dr. Wilker attempts to reconstruct and reprogram a Centurion. The reprogrammed Centurion manages to move stiffly, but lacks the dexterity of a fully functional unit and destroys the controls of the Raider when it is instructed to fly (Baltar's Escape).

Centurions are commonly armed with bayonet-equipped laser rifles, as well as swords for close combat and execution (Saga of a Star World).

The inhabitants of Attila refer to Centurions as "tin cans" (The Young Lords).

Notable Centurions

Galactica 1980 Version

Centurions are shown to be vulnerable to microwave radiation, and are slowly being outmoded by an android variant with human-like reflexes and agility ("The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I" & "Part II").

Further, they are neither equipped with swords nor laser rifles, but with a laser pistol analogous to the Colonial's laser pistol ("The Night the Cylons Landed", "The Return of Starbuck").


  • Both the Gold Command Cylon Centurions and the Silver Cylon Centurions were voiced with an EMS Vocoder 2000 [1] (verified in the book 'How to Wreck a Nice Beach' by Dave Tompkins) by voice-actor Michael Santiago.
  • The original Centurion does find its way into the Re-imagined Series canon, with similar features, known there as the Cylon Centurion Model 0005. A shell of this Centurion counterpart appears in the Miniseries in the Galactica Museum, along with other artifacts from the Cylon War.
  • In "Razor", an operational Centurion is seen (with noticeably mechanical legs to show, cinematically, that these Cylons were mechanical and not merely "guys in suits") in a flashback to the Cylon War. In the same episode Kara Thrace shoots down a Cylon Raider (also based on the Original Series design), where its Centurion version appears again in the wreckage.

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