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Portrayed by Rex Cutter
Cyrus is a Cylon
Cyrus is a Final Five Cylon
Cyrus is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Cyrus is an Original Series Cylon
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Cyrus in the separate continuity

Cyrus, or Cy, is a Cylon Centurion rebuilt by Starbuck to keep him from being lonely after he is separated from the Colonial Fleet.

At first, Cy attempts to kill Starbuck, but the Colonial Warrior's charm (and weapons) help Cy to change his mind.

Cy fights off other Centurions after Starbuck helped Angela and her child leave the planet in a makeshift rescue boat. The robot, understanding the concept of friendship, sacrifices himself to save Starbuck (The Return of Starbuck).

Comic book appearence

Cyrus is the subject of his own short-lived comic from Maximum Press, entitled The Rebirth of Cy, Part 1. In the story, which ignores the continuity from Galactica 1980, he is known as Template:Inlineref who experiences a malfunction after his Raider encounters an ion storm. After being rescued by Base Ship 127, he begins to question the objectives of the Cylon Empire and believes that the extermination of the human species is wrong. He hopes to ask the human Warrior they had captured, who turns out to be Starbuck. However, as there is no continuation of this story, Cy's fate in the Maximum Press storyline remains unknown.

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