The Twelve Colonies (alternate)

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The Twelve Colonies are the homeworlds for the Colonials, a race of humans that have descended from, and later left, Kobol some millennia ago.

After they are overrun by a sneak attack conducted by the Cylons, a "rag-tag, fugitive fleet" of some 220 ships, lead by Galactica, escapes the Colonies and head towards a bright, shining planet known as Earth.

Richard Hatch continuation

In Richard Hatch's continuation novels based off the Original Series canon, he and his various co-authors attempt to further develop the different aspects of the Colonials, some of it based off the canonical material available, with others being created solely for the book series.


Main article: the canonical Caprica

Caprica is held as the most developed of the Twelve Colonies.

Before being settled by those from Kobol, the Borellian Nomen settled the planet millennia before other colonists.[1]

Adama claims that those of the House of Kobol settled Caprica. Those of the Kobollian bloodline have always been leaders of Caprica, a fact which is resented by some Capricans, in addition to rearing its head after Adama dies (Armageddon).

Natives of Caprica


Main article: the canonical Gemoni

Gemini is a planet consisting of thinner air and a closer proximity to the sun, in relation to Caprica, and have a heavy gender imbalance skewed towards men, due to its patriarchal society.

People of this planet, the Gemons, are stated to be "arguably the most attractive of the Colonials", and typically taller and thinner.

A sect of people from this planet, the Gemon Matriarchs, are comprised of women who believe that women are more capable of men in various aspects of society.[2]

Natives of Gemini


Humans from Leonis are called Leonids. Leonids share the complexion of African-Americans (Armageddon).

Natives of Leonis


Scorpius is a colony of the Scorpions.

Natives of this colony have a light fur on their skin, which is a natural adaptation of the cold due to the distance of the colony from its star. Their fur is said to be invisible from a distance (Armageddon).

Natives of Scorpius

  • Puck is this colony's ambassador to Caprica, prior to the exodus (Armageddon).


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