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This is the transcript for the three-part interview that the blog Concurring Opinions did with Ron D. Moore and David Eick in February 2008. The interview was conducted by Professors Daniel Solove, Deven Desai, and David Hoffman.

For an overview on the interview in addition to the files in .WAV format, visit Concurring Opinions here.

The interview is primarily transcribed by Joe Beaudoin Jr., who received both permission and blessings from all three professors. Joe would like to thank them for the insightful interview they conducted, in addition to the privilege of adding the transcript to Battlestar Wiki.


The Concurring Opinions interview is split into three major parts, tackling issues of torture, the Colonial's legal system post-Fall of the Twelve Colonies, tribunals, politics, commerce, and facets of the Cylons society.