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For the version of this colony depicted in the Dynamite Comics, see: Aerilon (alternate).
Colors and symbol of Aerelon

Aerelon was primarily an agricultural world, known as the "food basket" of the Twelve Colonies. Despite this, Aerelon was considered to be one of the poorest Colonies (Dirty Hands).

The mining colony of Troy, which was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion, and possibly located near Aerelon, may have been operated by natives of that world. Troy was the alleged home of Sharon Valerii (Flesh and Bone).


Fifteen people died when President Richard Adar, for reasons unexplained, sent the Marines to Aerelon (Water).


While imprisoned on Galactica, Gaius Baltar talks extensively about Aerelon, confirming that it, not Caprica, was his birth world. He imitates the speech mannerisms of a stereotypical native, a farmer who likes to work with his hands, and "go down the pub for a pint"[1] and have a fight at the end of the night. In doing this Baltar puts on a strong raspy "Aerelon" accent [2] (Dirty Hands).


The only visual depiction of Aerelon.
  • The professional Pyramid team from Aerelon played against the Caprica Buccaneers in one of the last games before the Cylon attack. They apparently won (Resistance).
  • A photo of a grief-stricken soldier staring out at the ruins of Aerelon's capital hangs behind President Roslin's desk and on the bulkhead of a pilot ready room on Galactica. The pilots touch the photo for luck and in a sign of respect as they leave the room. This photo of Aerelon gives viewers one of the few visual depictions of life on a colony other than Caprica.
  • Aerelon Crystal table salt is used by Racetrack in the Salt Line Ceremony (Exodus, Part I).





  • The spelling of this colony is sometimes inconsistent in the Re-imagined Series' official cast and crew notes and episode content. The colony is spelled "Aerilon" in the episodes "Home, Part I" and "The Son Also Rises" in official Colonial documentation. Battlestar Wiki chooses to use the more consistently used spelling of "Aerelon" which mainly appears in 'behind the scenes' publications.
  • Socrata Thrace and Chief Tyrol pronounce the name as "Air-lon", while Baltar pronounces it "Air-e-lon", which also indicates that it is spelled as "Aerelon".


  1. Baltar's use of the term "pub" and "pint" suggest that Aerelon's culture is reminiscent of that of the workers of Ireland, Scotland or Northern England. Baltar's use of a unit of liquid measurement called a "jp" in the episode "Water" and "pint" suggests that the Colonials may have several units of liquid volume. The term "pint" is also a nickname for a glass of beer, which often is measured in Imperial pints.
  2. Actor James Callis, who normally speaks in his native British accent, adopted a northern English accent, similar to a Yorkshire accent, for when Baltar speaks in "native Aerelon."
  3. The revelation of Saul Tigh as a member of the Final Five humanoid Cylons casts doubt on this claim.

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