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Battlestar Galactica's Unnamed Characters

This page lists all original series Battlestar Galactica characters who were never named either on screen or by any of the show's creatives.

The scope of this article is limited to characters who have either an on-screen credit or had an important interaction with a major character. For instance, the woman on the Gemini telling Iblis of how having two tallon plants would be a miracle enough would be notable, while the man falling off the roof during the Cylon attack on Caprica wouldn't.

Galactica crew

Viper Pilots

The credited (but unnamed) Viper pilot trainees.

Pegasus Warriors

The uncredited Pegasus Warriors.




Triad Officiator.

An Officiator oversees a triad game between Apollo/Starbuck and Ortega/Barton.

Boomer, a guest commentator, comments to Zed that he does not want to second question his calls in the game, despite the unnecessary roughness he exhibits against Starbuck during the game. However, this Officiator later makes a call on Ortega's foul against Starbuck for "unnecessary blocking" during the game, and allows Starbuck a free shot against the other team's hoop. Later he ejects both Ortega and Starbuck from the game, which leads to a confrontation between the two Warriors near the turboshowers (Murder on the Rising Star).

The officiator was portrayed by Ted Noose.


Eastern Alliance

Terra Nationalists

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