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Introduced The Face of the Enemy
Death Died as a result of a morpha overdose.
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Role Deckhand, battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Michael Rogers
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Brooks in the separate continuity

Specialist Brooks is a deckhand aboard Galactica.

He boards Raptor 718, which is bound for Zephyr in order to perform some maintenance duties. He is accompanied by Lt. Gaeta, two Eights, Lt. J. "Shark" Finnegan and "Easy" Esrin.

The Raptor becomes separated from the Fleet and stranded with a limited air supply. He attempts to repair the CO2 scrubbers but is unable to reach into the compartment. An Eight offers to help, but is electrocuted shortly after she fixes the system.

Several hours later, Brooks is found to have died from a morpha overdose. One empty vial is found in his hand, and another next to his body. The morpha came from the supply brought aboard by Gaeta (TRS: "The Face of the Enemy").

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