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Present Senior Staff




Chain of Command

The current commander of Galactica is Admiral Adama, and second-in-command is Colonel Tigh (Tigh has retained this position despite the revelation that he is one of the Final Five Cylons). Captain Karl Agathon has risen to third-in-command and has frequently filled in as executive officer. Beyond that the hierarchy is unclear. Major Cottle is a medical officer and outside of the chain of command, and Captain Aaron Kelly's detention ("The Son Also Rises") presumably removes him from the order of precedence.

Position Histories

Commanding Officer

  • Commander William Adama (Miniseries to "Scattered") - Injured after assassination attempt
  • Colonel Saul Tigh, Acting ("Scattered" to "The Farm") - Relinquishes command after Commander Adama returns to duty
  • Commander, later Admiral William Adama ("The Farm" to "Sine Qua Non") - Promoted to admiral by President Roslin ("Resurrection Ship, Part II"). During this period, Adama's flag briefly fell under the command of Rear Admiral Helena Cain although Adama retained basic operational command of Galactica ("Pegasus" to "Resurrection Ship, Part II").
  • Colonel (temporarily Admiral) Saul Tigh ("Sine Qua Non" to "Revelations") - Adama resigns position temporarily to search for Roslin
  • Admiral William Adama ("Revelations" to "The Oath") - Adama returns to the Fleet, is deposed in a mutiny
  • Lieutenant (unofficially, Commander) Felix Gaeta, de facto ("The Oath" to "Blood on the Scales") - Gaeta siezes command in a mutiny as part of a coup d'etat led by Tom Zarek.
  • Admiral William Adama ("Blood on the Scales" to "Daybreak, Part II") - Adama regains command by force; Gaeta is executed for mutiny.

Executive Officer

Tactical officer

Communications Officer

Commander, Air Group

Chief Medical Officer

Chief of the Deck


Landing Signal Officer

Afterwards unknown


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