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Ragnar Station Ammunition Reserve
Ragnar Station Ammunition Reserve
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
Crew: None
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Role: Refueling/Refitting
Weapons: None
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Fate: Presumed destroyed, Zero Hour, 0 BCH
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Ragnar Anchorage (also known as "Ragnar Station" or "Ragnar Station Ammunition Reserve") is an unmanned orbital refueling station and naval armory, suspended in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Ragnar, that distills hydrocarbons from the planet's upper atmosphere. Ragnar Anchorage is most likely a remnant of the First Cylon War (or earlier), and is largely unkempt and abandoned by the Colonials. On the exterior, the station features three massive rotating habitat ringed sections, the "top" ring being unfinished or scrapped for parts, and as many as seven airlocks on the station's "cap". The interior of the station features a dark, damp, and largely exposed environment, which now creates a somewhat hostile atmosphere to any Human (or Cylon) inhabitants. What's left of its ammunition and supplies stores is strewn about near the airlocks, largely forgotten.

The Colonial Fleet had created this station in this location, aware that the atmosphere's radiation adversely affects Cylon technology. The EM field of the atmosphere also affected DRADIS, weapons targeting and navigation, making it impossible for the Cylons to chase and attack within the Ragnar atmosphere. The station is infamous amongst the Colonial Fleet as a "super bitch" to dock to, likely due to the turbulence experienced by ships traveling within the tenuous upper layers of the atmosphere.

Ragnar holds no known offensive or defensive weapons, and appears permanently berthed in the upper atmosphere of Ragnar, indicating the station holds no sublight engines or FTL drives.

Ragnar Anchorage was the rendezvous site the surviving civilian Colonials met the battlestar Galactica, then known to be the only surviving Colonial military vessel. It was from here that they made their escape from the Colonial solar systems, never to return. The station is presumed to have been abandoned or destroyed following the successful retrieval of Aaron Doral by Cylon forces after the battle (TRS: "Miniseries").


  • The name "Ragnar" is an homage to Ragnarök, the apocalyptic battle of the gods of North Germanic mythology. The story of Ragnarök coincidentally ties with the career of William Adama; he is a former commander of the battlestar Valkyrie, named for minor female deities and goddesses of fate who carried the most heroic fallen warriors to Valhalla to await the pre-ordained battle at the end of the world. Following the events of a failed secret Cylon reconnaissance mission, Adama is given command of the to-be-decommissioned Galactica, during which the Cylons attack, the Colonies fall, and Adama prepares to fight the Battle of Ragnar Anchorage, the last battle within Colonial space fought by the last remaining battlestar of the fleet (a recurring theme of "last", "final", and "ending").
  • The dark, dank, extremely dirty interior of Ragnar Anchorage was filmed in the Roger's Sugar Mill in Vancouver, according to the Miniseries DVD commentary.


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