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Welcome to the Galactica 1980 portal. After the Original Series was canceled, Battlestar Galactica did manage to return to the television for another try. This time it featured a grounded approach to story telling, and was supposed to be more "family entertainment" with "educational" elements forced into the show. While the series opening was relatively well received (some people still think that the opening is part of the Original Series), the rest of the series did not fare as well, causing the series to generally be excluded from canon. The only episode the fans embraced was the last episode, featuring a return by Dirk Benedict. Unfortunately, by the time it aired Battlestar Galactica's fate was sealed, until the concept of a "rag tag, fugitive fleet" was revisited in the Re-imagined Series. Template:/box-footer Template:/box-header

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Lorne Greene reprises his role as Commander Adama.

  • ...that Adama and Boomer are the only two major characters from the Original Series to return as recurring characters in Galactica 1980?
  • ...that because Galactica 1980 was shown during the Sunday night 7pm children's hour timeslot, the writers were forced to include a certain amount of educational dialogue in each episode?
  • ...that Xaviar's ongoing time travel antics were planned to be a continuing subplot for the series?
  • ...that when Galactica 1980 was originally conceived, it was to have featured the characters of Apollo and Starbuck with Baltar as the time-traveling villain?
  • ...that there was a sequel written to The Return of Starbuck episode called The Wheel of Fire which reveals Starbuck's final fate?
  • ...that Galactica 1980 was canceled not just because of low ratings but because its rushed production drove up its costs to the point that Universal eventually demanded more money for each episode than ABC was willing to pay?


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