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Valkyrie type battlestar
Valkyrie type battlestar
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
FTL: Yes
Propulsion: * 4x sublight engines
* 13x RCS thrusters
Crew: Unknown
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Capital battleship/carrier
Weapons: {{{weapons}}}
Armaments: * 20x small dual guns
* 33x large dual guns
* Point defense CIWS
* ~6x Missile tubes
Defenses: {{{def}}}
Aircraft: * Vipers Mk. II/III/VII
* Raptors
* Atmospheric Shuttles
Aviation facilities: * 2x flight pods
* 2x flight decks
* 6x Viper launch tubes
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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The Valkyrie type battlestar was already in use during the First Cylon War. The class is still in service and actively deployed over forty years later, before the Fall of the Colonies, and appear to make up a majority of the Colonial Fleet.


The Valkyrie type was deployed alongside a Galactica-type battlestar nearly fifty years before the Fall of the Colonies during the First Cylon War. At the time, they appeared to function as a support vessel in battlestar groups, and not as flagships (Blood and Chrome). In the years since, the type has become a forerunner in the Colonial Fleet, apparently outnumbering the Mercury class and remaining Galactica type battlestars. This type of battlestar is among the smallest ships in service in the post-war fleet, carrying fewer Vipers and Raptors than their larger counterparts. Despite this, their crews are not afraid to tackle threats head on, as three of them were seen attempting to engage Cylon basestars over Caprica before fleet communications went down (TRS: "The Plan").


Main hull

Measuring over 700 meters long, the Valkyrie type was about half the size of a Galactica-type battlestar. Overall, it shares the common battlestar design, consisting of an "alligator head," mid-section with flight pods attached, and aft the propulsion section, housing the main sublight engines. Possibly because of its smaller size, much of its main layout is exposed or semi-exposed on the underside of the ship, the FTL drive being the most prominent (TRS: "The Plan"). Physically, it was far more "jagged" than other battlestar classes, with sharp edges offset by curved lines. The hull was covered with batteries, missile launchers, and numerous hatches, giving it a sharp and streamlined but functional look.

Flight Pods

Forward shot of the Valkyrie, showing the underside, and Viper launch tubes.
Main article: Flight pod

The flight pods on the Valkyrie type serve the same purpose as with its larger counterparts. However, they are not able to carry as many planes, or allow larger vessels to dock inside, as with the Galactica type or Mercury class. Despite being a Cylon War era design, the flight pods do not retract on this type, not even for FTL jumps.

The hangar deck facilities are smaller, and situated between the flight deck and the Viper launch tubes which run parallel to the pods. Having only three tubes per pod, the Valkyrie type has significantly less launching capabilities than its larger counterparts in the fleet. However, this doesn't preclude them from being assertively deployed, and may suggest a more offensively oriented approach to Viper launches as well as rapid deployment and recovery of CAPs. The tubes are also significantly longer than those of other battlestars. There are three separate points where Vipers could be lowered from the hangar into the tubes. It is possible that this allows for a much higher rate of launch. (TRS: "Hero", "The Plan").




Main article: Propulsion in the Re-imagined Series

Ships of the Valkyrie type have four sublight engines attached to the ventral side of the ship at the rear. There are also maneuvering thrusters placed in strategic positions along the hull.

Computer systems

Main article: Computers in the Re-imagined Series

The computer systems on the Valkyrie type were presumably non-networked in the early years of service. However, sometime during the forty years since the end of the Cylon War, these systems were upgraded, networked, and thus became accessible through the compromised Command Navigation Program like nearly all other ships in the Colonial Fleet. Thanks to this, the Cylons were able to take control of the battlestar's systems and shut them down before their attack.


Valkyrie firing a ship to ship missile (TRS: "Hero").
A missile battery on Valkyrie (TRS: "Hero").
Main article: Weapons in the Re-imagined Series
  • 20 small dual mounted turrets.
  • 33 heavy dual turrets capable of firing missiles.
  • Unknown number of point defense guns.
  • At least 6 ship-to-ship missiles silos
The Valkyrie type has more weapons per square meter than any other class. Equipped with 20 small turrets, and 33 heavier (though much smaller than on other classes) ones, it has a huge number of guns. Presumably, there are an unknown number of point defense guns that would be located between the armor plating, much like the Mercury class. This class appears to rely more on missile weapons than other classes, with at least the larger turrets being capable of firing small anti-fighter missiles, and with at least 6 silos containing ship to ship missiles.
  • Small compliment of Viper space superiority fighters.
Size and disposition of the typical Valkyrie type airwing is never stated. However, in "The Plan", Valkyrie has at least 20 Vipers nearby. Yet, this is not evidence that this represents the full airwing.
  • Small compliment of Raptor multi-role vehicles.


Although a small hull (compared to battlestars like Pegasus or Galactica) these ships were heavily used. The type may have served a role similar to cruisers in modern navies, as they are shown being used for a number of missions, including patrols, covert operations, and even planetary protection. The smaller size, mass production, and apparent range of abilities presumably meant that it was perfect for a peacetime fleet, as they would be cheaper to produce than the larger Mercury class or Galactica types. The vulnerable FTL drive on the ventral hull suggest that the Valkyrie type was intended for a defensive role with other battlestars and Vipers protecting it, as offensive roles would risk destruction of its FTL drive. They may also have lacked the ability to produce Vipers, unlike the Mercury class.

Ships In Class

Name Number Status Last Seen
Unknown Unknown Active, part of "Ghost Fleet", YR58 (42 BCH) Blood & Chrome
Unknown Unknown Active, part of "Ghost Fleet", YR58 (42 BCH) Blood & Chrome
Unknown Unknown Active, part of "Ghost Fleet", YR58 (42 BCH) Blood & Chrome
Unknown Unknown Active, part of 75th battlestar group, YR58 (42 BCH) Blood & Chrome
Valkyrie Unknown (BSG 41) Destroyed, Fall of the Twelve Colonies, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "The Plan"
Yashuman Unknown Destroyed, Fall of the Twelve Colonies, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "The Plan"
Unknown Unknown Destroyed, Fall of the Twelve Colonies, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "The Plan"
Unknown Unknown Destroyed, Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "Razor"
Unknown Unknown Destroyed, Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "Razor"
Unknown Unknown Destroyed, Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "Razor"
Unknown Unknown Destroyed, Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, YR00 (0 BCH) TRS: "Razor"


  • In "Razor," a few Valkyrie types can be seen at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards with what would appear to be a roll bar above the engine section. This feature is not present during the Cylon attack on the shipyards, leading to speculation that the ships seen with the roll bar were in fact different to those seen without it. 
  • The Science of Battlestar Galactica names two battlestars as being docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards during the attack. These ships, Bellerophon and Ramses, were thus likely examples of the Valkyrie type.


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