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Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
FTL: Yes
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Armaments: Short range ship-to-ship missiles
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Fate: Lost, Star Cluster outbound #1, circa 3 ACH
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Adriatic is a civilian ship in the fleet that escaped the Cylon destruction of the Twelve Colonies. It is the only known civilian vessel to be armed.

Shortly after the discovery of Kobol, Adriatic joins Roslin's fleet that jumps to the planet to find the road map to Earth. It is in weapons range of Kara Thrace and her party's stolen Cylon Heavy Raider when it returns from Caprica, though it does not fire (TRS: "Home, Part I"). Adriatic and other ships of Roslin's fleet are reunited with those that remained loyal to William Adama and Galactica.

After the fleet is stopped by a great star cluster that puts out immense amounts of stellar radiation, the senior staff decide that the best way to proceed is to shepherd the civilian ships to the other side by using hardened Colonial Raptors, which will be able to "see" for the blinded civilian crews. Adriatric is among the vessels chosen for outbound trip 1, along with Zephyr, Chrion, Pyxis, Cybele, Thera Sita, and Enkidu, and is escorted by Raptor 118, piloted by Brendan Costanza. After offloading non-crucial civilians to Galactica, the vessels proceed. However, Adriatic is lost when Costanza fails to locate it in the cluster and is forced to jump to the next waypoint to avoid radiation poisoning (TRS: "The Passage").


  • Adriatic is never explicitly seen on screen, but it is presumed to be one of the ships in the above screenshot, and through the process of elimination, it is either the Astral Queen type in the middle, or the Defender type at the top left.
  • Adriatic appears to be named after the Adriatic Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea that separates Italy from the Balkan peninsula on Earth.
  • In addition to the body of water, the White Star Line named two of its vessels Adriatic, one entering service in 1871 and the other in 1907.

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