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This article lists seen, but unnamed battlestars and their support ships in the Reimagined Series.

Galactica type

Main article: Galactica type battlestar

During the First Cylon War, Galactica and two unnamed Battlestars are seen with their Viper escorts over one of the Colonies (Blood and Chrome).

An unnamed Galactica type Battlestar is seen hiding out in Cylon held space among the Battlestars Valkyrie, Osiris, heavy cruiser Loki (Blood and Chrome), and a number of other ships.

Another unnamed Galactica type is seen participating in Operation Raptor Talon, in cooperation with Galactica, and Columbia (TRS: "Razor Flashbacks"). The series bible hints that this battlestar might be Athena.

At least two Galactica type Battlestars are moored at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards at the time of the surprise attack against the Colonies. They are sitting ducks, and are quickly destroyed by Cylon forces (TRS: "Razor"). [1] [2]

Another Galactica type is seen wrecked above Caprica shortly after the renewed Cylon attacks (TRS: Miniseries).

Valkyrie type

Main article: Valkyrie type battlestar

At least four unnamed Valkyrie type Battlestars are seen hiding out in Cylon held space along side the Battlestars Valkyrie, Osiris and heavy cruiser Loki (Blood and Chrome).

At least four Battlestars of Valkyrie's design are also docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards and destroyed by the Cylons (TRS: "Razor").

Strangely enough, the Valkyrie type ships at the shipyards do not have nameplates on their hulls. [3]

One unnamed Valkyrie type is seen taking formation alongside the Battlestars Yashuman and Valkyrie in the opening moments of the renewed Cylon attacks against the Colonies, and is destroyed above Caprica shortly after (TRS: "The Plan").

"Berzerk" type

At least three "Berzerk" type[4] cruisers are seen hiding out in Cylon held space along side the Battlestars Valkyrie, Osiris and heavy cruiser Loki (Blood and Chrome).

Another ship of this class, is docked next to Pegasus during the Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards (TRS: "Razor").

"Defender" type

Main article: Wedge-shaped vessel

An unnamed ship of this class is seen hiding out in Cylon held space along side the Battlestars Valkyrie, Osiris and heavy cruiser Loki (Blood and Chrome).

At least two ships of this class are converted for civilian use, and escape the Colonies with the Battlestar Galactica (TRS).

Loki type

Main article: Loki type heavy cruiser

There are at least three ships of this class, including the Loki, hiding out in Cylon held space near Sector 12 (Blood and Chrome).

There are at least two of these ships flying formation with Galactica when William Adama is brought aboard (Blood and Chrome).

"Catamaran" type

There are at least two ships of this class[5] hiding out in Cylon held space along side the Battlestars Valkyrie, Osiris and heavy cruiser Loki (Blood and Chrome).

Two more vessels of this class are also seen with Galactica's battle group when William Adama transfers aboard (Blood and Chrome).


This class shares many design similarities with the Orion class.

"Watersled" type

One ship of this class can be seen beneath a Catamaran type of ship in the Ghost Fleet hiding out near Sector 12. It appears to have two flight pods positioned beside the main hull.


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